Are you a sex hookup kind of guy?

A lot of guys would probably answer the title of this blog post with a resound yes. We are all more that than welcome to come up with our own self-image. The problem is in many cases there is a huge difference between who you really are and who we think we are.

Make no mistake about it, most red-blooded American males would tell you that they have the sex hookup game down cold. That’s what they will tell you. However, if you put them in a situation where they could actually hookup with an anonymous stranger in their local area, most of them would freak out. Most of them would actually shut up and wouldn’t know what to do.

It’s not like they don’t know what to do physically or sexually, they just don’t know what to do in terms of the social situation. They wouldn’t know how to act. They wouldn’t know how to respond. They wouldn’t know how to react. Keep this in mind when trying to answer posed by this blog post.

You might think that you’re a Don Juan or Casanova chick magnet that knows how to bang all sorts of chicks in all sorts of situations and all sorts of contexts. While you’re more than welcome to think that, you need to also face up to reality. There is no such thing as a guy that is such a stud that you can drop him into any kind of situation and he will hook up like a machine. It just doesn’t work that way.

You have to make sure you have the right mindset when you are looking for a free sex hook up and use the right site: You have to have a clear idea as to what to expect and how to respond, otherwise you’re going to end up performing the same way as most of the guys that find themselves in such situations perform. How is that? Terribly.

How Can Couples Meet Local Sex Partners

For the longest time, couples who are looking to swing or swap sex partners have had a tough time. It’s as if they had to learn certain passwords or certain secret handshakes for them to get plugged into a local network of swingers. That’s how bad society’s attitude towards wife swapping used to be.


Fast forward to now and there are all these websites that allow couples to swing. Basically, if you and your spouse agree that you’d like to have sex with another couple, these websites are a good choice.


You have to understand that to get to that point, your relationship has to be at a certain level. Your relationship must move beyond the ownership paradigm. Otherwise, you’re going to be creating more problems than the problems that you are solving. If you are trying to solve the problem of sexual frustration or the need for sexual diversity, you might be creating a bigger problem, which is emotional separation between you and your spouse. This is why both of you have to really get your heads screwed on right before you pull the trigger on this big decision. Deciding to swing is no small decision. It can and does tear marriages apart so be very careful.


Assuming that you have moved past that point, and you are perfectly comfortable with swinging, the next step is technical. How do you find and meet local sex partners either couples or singles? There are many options, the worst option is to do things the way they used to be done 30 or 40 years ago. I am of course talking about local classified ads or knowing a local swinger couple who can then introduce you to their swinger network.


The problem with this is that your selection is very tight. Really. I mean, tight not in a good way but tight as in very narrow and slim pickings. In fact, if you and your wife have a certain physical

preference for a couple—in other words, you want good-looking couples—this might be a nonstarter because with local networks, you take it, or you leave it. That’s it. There are no options.


The best approach would be to use online swinging sites and online adult sex dating sites that are really good just like this one. You get a lot more diversity and selection. The only downside is you might need to get into your car and travel halfway across town or maybe to the next town or city over. That’s the only downside.

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